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Default Re: Got cut off and slammed into a SUV!

About a month ago I was out for a long ride out on a back road when this car passes me then slams on the brakes, I'm just shy of locking up the back tire and just miss their bumper. They pull ahead a little bit then stop again, 1st thought going through my head is either they or I am getting a butt kicking because this is just nuts. An arm comes out the passenger window and waives me forward as the car starts backing up. Oh it's on now! Get even with the door and it's this little old couple that's totally lost. They're looking for Olive Garden and they're WAY out in the boonies. I tell them they need to turn around and go back the way they came to get back to the next town then give them directions how to go the 15 miles to Olive Garden.
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