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Default Re: Got cut off and slammed into a SUV!

Not on motorized bikes at the time but when we were young and rode BMX through town cars would often cut us up etc and come very close to causing serious accidents, the repayment was they would lose a wing mirror to a foot, haha. Ya gota let them know whos boss

I was knocked of once also on the way home from work on a roundabout (stupid device, I believe you don't have them in the states). It was dark and I had a high viz jacket on and lights front and rear. I was commited onto the roundabout when this stupid woman decided to pull out as I was accross the front of her, I accelerated as hard as I could but she managed to hit my back wheel and sent me of on this busy island. I jumped up grabbed the bike and was narrowly missed by another car. When I got to the side of the road she had pulled up just off the island and was walking round to me (my knee was cut really deap but the bike was fine). She then had the audacity to say the lights on my bike wern't bright enough. I lost my temper at this point (the lights were brand new pricey and brighter than most car lamps) when I realised that her windscreen was steamed right up and she was driving while looking thru a 6" square clearing. She quickly changed her tune and offered me a lift home then rang her husband as she was now scared . I was there ready to have to deal with her husband (rather angry at this point I was) when her husband got there he realised how stupid she had been so bollocked her there and then, which obviously I found very amusing. I got away with just a scar that time luckily.
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