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Default Re: New to the forum and need help asap.

Understand your predicament. I have decided to sell my Skyliner. I know that cash is tight in your situation, but I am not going to give it away. $450. It is a great bike. The engine has been broke in. Meets AZ requirement for no license, insurance or registration required.

It has a Grubee 48cc motor with pull start, centrifugal clutch, lights, rear schwinn rack comfortable schwinn seat, stock front shocks, cateye speedo, center kickstand. I will throw in a cable lock and a 1 gallon gas can for mixing fuel.

Pawn something to pay for the bike. It took me months to get $200 from the last guy I helped out and it was a PITA.

I don't recommend taking the bike to jail, best to catch the bus in and out for those few days. Hopefully you can do the time on weekends. Get a bus pass for that time, if you can't find a ride. You have some options on when you go to jail next month and December are good weather. Wear extra clothes just in case. Yes, I once was a guest of Sheriff Joe, he has been in office way too long. Take quarters for the ripoff machines that are stocked by Joe's relatives, eat stuff at work or you will only get food supplied by more of Joe's relatives.

I don't really need anything as a trade sorry. PM me if interested.

BlakenStein: If you get a DUI in AZ you might as well just give up drinking until the whole rigamarole is over. They make you go to classes where you have to swear you are not drinking, even if it is legal to drink, you can't get out of the classes, its rigged. As in most states the whole setup is rigged.

I don't believe in drinking and driving. I've had a drink and drove home from a bar. It generates so much revenue the states go out of their way to enforce the laws rather than catching burglers or bad drivers or any other crime for that matter.
Map your motorized bikes location on a Frappr Map show us where you are and post a pic of your bike.

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