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Default Re: New to the forum and need help asap.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
If it's this bike, it looks about perfect for one of the two stroke in frame kits, which is good cause they're the cheapest to buy at about $150 a complete kit.

The only probs might be the Dtube (oversize mount usually included/easy to make) and if you have twist grip shifters.

The disk(s) will be nice to have!
$150 is good news. That's exactly in the ball park of what I was hoping to spend.

Luckily I don't have TGSers, and am happy to hear that disc brakes are a plus.

Some questions I have right away:

Should I convert to road bike handlebars? More specifically, if I do, would it just cause unnecessary problems?
Is there any difference/advantages with road tires? Or should I just keep the bullying mountain tires I have now?
Am I going to smell like exhaust every time I ride?
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