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Default New to the forum and need help asap.

Hello everybody. Shortly, on Monday, October 19th, 2009, I will no longer have an Arizona Driver's License. I made the mistake of drinking and driving. Anyways, the aftermath will be jail time- even as a first offender, and a suspended license for 90 days, 30 if I can manage to get a permit for work and school. The mistake is costing me a fortune, and my alternatives are not good. I have a 44 mile round trip commute between school and work, which doesn't include the time it takes me to get myself to and from jail (which is actually an additional 40 mile round trip). I don't have enough generous friends to help me out every morning and night and battling the elements (luckily its perfect weather in Arizona for riding right now) will prove too intense for me to do on my Trek MTB everyday (yes, EVERYDAY). In short, I'm ****ed.

However, I've learned that a motorized bicycle is a sort of loophole; as in, I don't need an Arizona Driver's license to operate one. Seeing as how I'm starved for time and cash right now, I need some help building a motorized bicycle on a small budget. Right now I'm riding a Trek MTB hardtail on 20"s with disc brakes. I'm not looking for anything pretty, just functional & reliable...on a budget.


Make & Model - Trek 3900 Disc.

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