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Default Re: Got cut off and slammed into a SUV!

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
Yesterday I was on my way home from getting a new laptop(it was still in the box and was sticking out the top of my backpack)....I was on the shoulder of the road going around 25mph and a SUV came flying by me and then made a sharp turn to go into a parking lot....My only option was to lean the bike,hit the back brakes and slide sideways so I didnt hit them head on....
As I was sliding sideways toward the SUV my back tire was slinging gravel and rocks on the SUV,I was in a major lean with the bike almost on its side,then SLAM!My back tire hit the side of there vehicle at there back tire....It brought me back into the upright position and there was a big cloud of dust( I couldnt even see the people in the vehicle)....
I was so mad that I started shaking my head and cussing and dumped the clutch and drove around the front of the vehicle....They were just setting there with shock in there eyes,it hadent even hit me yet....
I drove off and when I looked in my review mirror they were still just setting there....When I finally got my bearings togeather my first thought was is my bike ok....I looked down at the back tire as I was driving to see if my back rim was bent but it was ok(I have 2.125 heavy spoke rims on my bike)and thats were all the damage would have been becouse the back tire slammed into it hard,I must have been going around 15mph or so when I hit them....
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IS the laptop okay? im glad you are ok and so is your bike. SCARY
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