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Default Re: Smoldering Embers

I rode bikes alot from age 5 to about 21 and I didnt even own a running car till I was 19. After 25 years I finally decided to get one in 07, kinda like the call of the wild kept at me so I chose a Kawi klr 650. A beautiful bike lots of power go anywhere bike. About a month after I bought it I was down on rampart road riding it and a toyota pickup left his side of the road and was heading straight for me. I laid the bike down and about 2 feet from my front fender he corrected it and pulled back to his side of the road. He almost killed me, I couldnt go off the road exactly where it happened because it would have been certain serious injury at that spot. Anyway I broke my foot and was laid up for 8 weeks because of it and I just chalked it up to an accident. After that I rode alot around the west side of Denver and every other day I was in a situation where some one was turning in front of me or merging into me. Im not sure whats different between now and the 70s or 80s but it is more dangerous to drive nowadays. June of this year I almost got killed by a car merging into me and I had to jump a curb and lay it down on some grass. Right there on the way home I decided to sell it and I did soon after. Some day Ill get another but it will be only for off road fun and maybe a 250 or a 450cc........
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