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Default Smoldering Embers

I just came home from a great fall afternoon ride. The bike was running great, the sun was out, blue sky overhead and the lure of the open road beckoned. The only problem is the open road where I'd like to go has a speed limit of 65MPH...Not exactly motorized bicycle territory. While I was pondering this I wondered about all the members here who have prior motorcycle experience and if they ever feel like going back to it. I haven't owned a MC for over 40 years and the reality of it is that I really don't want one with traffic like it is today, insurance and registration fees, but there are those times when I'm riding my motorized bicycle that I feel the slightest warmth of those old embers and think just how cool it would be to feel a powerful twin under my butt and when I twist the grip to experience that pull of cubic inches and a real wind in my face instead of a gentle breeze. Older bikers will relate and the ones who have never owned or ridden a motorcycle, I wonder if riding a motorized bike will light a fire that will eventually kindle into them buying an MC. Just random thoughts brought on by the ride.
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