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Question Hmmmmm ???!!

Ok, so I've been riding my bike for about a week constantly, went to school today and showed it off. Then went back on and it didn't start???? So I looked to see if it was getting gas YES it was because it is bogging.

Looked at carb and float. carb looks fine and my homemade float works like a charm Balsa wood shaped perfectly like real float with all seal covered twice coated thats all good. i tried 2 brand new spark plugs no GO i have to pedal with idle screw in perfect, makes noise but not Igniting maybe????

I have never messed with "that" black box that connects to my spark plug and kill switch that much. is that the CDI????? Do those go bad?? Whats inside there?? hehe, what does that stand for?? WHAT IS A MAG?? Its as is its not igniting, because it goes (with pedaling) it just sounds like im turning the piston. when i release the clutch no GO

Any Help?? Was working AWESOME earlier today about 35mph

AGAIN spark plugs r new...................

BTW....... muffler is fine too actually is brand new..................
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