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Default Re: New twist clutch lever!

Originally Posted by Humsuckler View Post
can you imagine pedaling a full size modern harley?
it would be jsut about almost as bad as trying to pedal one of those e-bike scoots!

suicide shift BTW is coparable to driving heavy equipment. usually awkward and strange at first but after many a month in the seat it becomes natural...

i had an old dirtbike with a redneck stick shift on it for a month or two a few years ago man did she fly, it was a variant on HD suicide shift tho because it had its hand clutch mounted on the "stick" it was a permanant "one hander"
I tried pedaling a Honda PA50 that wouldn't run. I made it about half a block, too. I was told later that the pedal was just for starting the motor. I kind of figured that out on my own, I wonder what the solex is like as a pedal bike. I don't know if any of them had gears, but I don't think so. I was looking at that frame again and it would be nice for one of those EZmotor 4 strokes. I like the older more rounded solex frames better than the newer squared off tubing. Looks like erector set construction. The old ones were really classy. An old frame would make an interesting step through build for an engine with some scoot.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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