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Default Re: New twist clutch lever!

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
lol silverbear - a "suicide" clutch (I usually hear it called a suicide shift) on a motorcycle is simply a foot clutch and a tank shift, called that cause you gotta let go the bars to shift and/or some of the rocker foot clutches didn't lock or it would fail. They would happily launch you into crosstraffic if you teetered a lil and needed to put yer foot on the pavement at a stop light - forgetting to put yer bike in neutral first

Had one, sux shiftin' on turns & startin' on hills lol... guess that'd be more reasons heh but dang they've got style!

*Btw, if yer curious I had a 1978 Harley Davidson Police Special tankshift, hardtail, shovelhead, & rigged for sidecar as stock - similar to the one in the second pic (but none of the flashy lights lol). After 2 years building it I got to ride it for a month before it was stolen... That was the end of Harleys fer me.

Never did get good at shiftin' the bedang thing lol
Shows what I don't know...
Nice bike. I don't see where the pedals are, though.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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