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Default Re: Hi, New Biker here with Questions on a Kit

The Giant may work - but they're known to have... well "giant" Dtubes and this may make installation difficult. If you have the room then it can be done - pics would help us

I've been considering a pull start modification myself so I can start my bike in the mornin' to warm up without pedaling halfway across the yard heh - but they might compound installation problems as your pedalcrank might hit the recoil housing. *shrug* not a huge deal - you could get a different crank arm or remove the recoil and put a plain cover on it, or you could get a regular pedal start and upgrade to recoil later, they're only $20.

Although Grubee kits tend to have slightly better parts included with the kit, it's far more important to use a reputable dealer than the name stuck on these (mostly) identical engines. I would heartily recommend;

ThatsDax: bicycle engine kit, bike engine, bicycle engine, bicycle motor

Spooky Tooth: Spooky Tooth Cycles - Motorized Bicycles: Gas Powered and Electric Bikes - Home

BikeBerry: Bicycle Engine Kit - Covert any Bicycle to a Motorised Moped. 150 MPG!! Wholesale Beach Cruisers, Chopper, Mountain, Road, Tandem and BMX Freestyle Bicycles. -

Could you post a link to the last one you mentioned? The "80cc Dual Start 3 Speed Dual Brake Gas Bicycle Motor Kit"? That really sounds like a complete bike and not just an engine kit...
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