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Default Hi, New Biker here with Questions on a Kit

Hey guys, I've been thinking about doing a gas engine for my bike for quite some time. I have some questions.

My Questions
Will this new frame work / is it the best solution considering i'm already changing the frame?
(I do not want to go with a cruiser style, if possible)

Which kit is best or close to best considering my options? I'm not going to fret about a few dollars, just as long as its under $200 total.

Is a slant engine preferable? (torque is preferable to me)
Should I go with multi speed engine? Or perhaps even a dual start?

The bike I have a 2006 Giant Rincon but I'm almost positive that frame won't work so I'm going to switch it out to a standard frame

I'm looking at these kits, honestly I don't care which one I get (but the multi speed interests me) I just want to know what you think will work the best.
Since I can't list links, the engines are listed at (kings motor bikes . com) and (the la shop . com)

Black Flying Horse 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kits EPA Certified

Grubee SkyHawk 66/80cc Angle Fire Bike Engine Kit EPA Certified

Grubee SkyHawk 66/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit EPA Certified

80cc 3 Speed Dual Brake Gas Bicycle Motor Kit

80cc Black Engine Dual Brake Gas Bicycle Motor Kit

80cc Dual Start 3 Speed Dual Brake Gas Bicycle Motor Kit

Also, jet engines are fine as well

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