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Default Re: Opti 2 break in

I'm running Opti 2 on one engine around 70:1. This engine was broke in using tradional 2 cycle at 18:1 for a gallon. I then switched to Opti at 100:1 for a gallon and got a bit...scared. I didn't see or hear signs of distress from the engine but I noticed the 1 gal pouch was 1.8oz = 71:1. I figured the manufacture felt no concern running a bit more oil and it offered me some more "security".

For another build I just finished, I'm breaking in with Opti 2 around 40:1. I'll just run a tank of that through and then switch to 70:1. So far its running quite good and I have put 50 or so miles on it. I can say that I can feel it breaking in quicker than my other engine. It is picking up speed rapidly. Plug looks fine and quite honestly all of the plug readings using Opti 2 at 100:1, 70:1 and 40:1 look almost similar.
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