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Default Re: The creation of CRU

Awesome ABC!, Count me in. I downloaded skype but have yet to find my or buy a head set. I have some experience with matching corporations to charities. Is actually simple. You look up whom they have made grants/donations to in the past. It saves a lot of time as there is less barking up the wrong tree. Though many (most) will not talk to you unless you have a 501 (C) (3) number from the IRS

Lets do some good!

Under my sig is a link to a vid I made. The lil kid in it was born with AIDS and was not supposed to make it to kindergarten. He is 9 now I think.
His Mom was trying to teach him how to ride a bike. The other kids kept asking why he at 6 or 7 still used training wheels. He wobbled a bit. Carol and I bought him a recumbent and told his Mom it came from a group like this. Changed that kids life. He could tool around and visit his Dad any time he wanted. Before that, unless Mom or one of his brothers or sisters could take him, he was pretty much stuck. A $300 bike opened his world. I honestly believe it did more for me then it did for him.

He has all but lost the use of his legs now. Mom and bros and sis's still take him out on it. But he can't explore by himself any more. They live in AZ. Would love to ask some one local to rig that bike for electricity. I am far away and as yet don't know how to do some thing like that.
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