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Default Re: help cannot get my new kit to start

You need fuel, air ,and spark.
Remove the bottom of the carb.
Turn on your petcock, Does fuel runout of the carb.
Put the bottom of the carb back on.
Make sure you glue your carb to the intake manifold with rtv for a good seal.
Is your choke open. Do you know the "open" position of your choke lever, up or down.
Solder the blue wire from the engine to the blue wire from the cd. Do the same for the black wire from the engine to the black wire from the cd .
Do not use the white wire unless it is for for normans light setup.
No killswitch yet. Blue to black or ground for killswitch.
Is your sparkplug wire good. Is your sparkplug properly gapped .30, to .18 depending upon lighting needs. I use .28
Ready to start
Open the fuel cock.
Push the primer button on the left side of the carb about 30 times.
Move the choke lever up to close it.
Peddle about 15 MPH down hill if possible.
While peddling release the clutch. open the throttle.
Did it start.
Keep rpm low until the engine warms up slowly open the choke.
My first start of the day is so hard. It will stall me totally.
After that instant starts all day.

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