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Default Re: Offroad bikes, there seems to be a lack

Thanks TorqinDirty

The expansion chamber exhaust is from Sick Bike Parts and it's ossum!;
Sick Bike Parts

The remote airbox is my own creation of desperation, simple & cheap;

Actually - the engine is doin' really well, I've been impressed - but yeah yer right, it's easy nuff to rebuild/replace should I ever need to I've actually had it up to the head in water while it was runnin' (missed a turn oops) and although both the exhaust and carburetor were under I just kept revvin' it till I got out. I woulda swamped it had I let it stall and/or I had the stock air filter on it.

The mag did take in some water - it wouldn't have lasted long, but I had just "nosed in" so I got out quick. I prolly outa make a better mag cover gasket

*shrug* Got home, hosed the muck offn it and dried/regreased everything - no probs with it since My wheelset is wimpy, they're not even double walled - another thing on my infinite shopping list...

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