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Default Hey Y'all

hello, motor bicycles peoples! i just stumbled across your world a couple of days ago, and i gotta say that this motorized bicycle stuff is insanely cool. beyond having seen a GEBE bike, i had no idea this chinese 2-stroke stuff even existed!

if i find that a 70ish CC engine will pull a 220 pound guy up some hills i'm gonna be real interested. like some other folks i've been reading here, i have a fairly short commute, but can't arrive sweaty for work, so i don't bike (the humidity is wicked here). besides the goal of getting back and forth to work without a car, it would be fun to have something to putt around on. i hate getting in a car for every little errand.

anyway, i'll be reading and maybe asking some questions in your forum here. maybe i'll be a motorized cyclist soon.
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