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Default Re: The creation of CRU

ROFL - a "leader position in my city"? I'm deeply flattered, but to the best of my knowledge I am alone - there's the boss's 11yo kid I helped a bit to build one, I suppose I could "lead" him but I imagine he'd get cranky lol

As for my "city" it's populated by deer, moose, lobsters, and fish - none of which seem much interested in motorbicycling for some reason, yet in time perhaps the few local humans will stop simply admiring my bike and build one of their own. I can only hope

Still - when ya get yer manifesto together send it my way if ya get a chance. I'd love to check it out. There simply MUST be a few MBers around even if they're not close by - I'll hash it out with them should we ever meet.

So, as a "leader of one" I hope ya don't have a charitable donation quota
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