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Default Re: The creation of CRU

First off let me say that I think what you are doing is admirable, there are so many that talk - so few that do. Above all else those that lead through example deserve respect. In some ways I regret that such an organization needs be centered around political maneuverings and finance, even if charitable - I fear that sometimes the underlying fun gets lost.

Let the cadre at the top carry the struggle, push for additional legality and gladhand the charities - but fear the day it stops being the joy that attracted so many. This is the inherent danger in any organization and is the underlying causality of so many failures.

I only mention this because with a name like 'Charity Riders United' I could see the focus becoming more the fight than the fun, obligations building until a pastime becomes a chore. I'm in no way saying that it's inevitable - but simply a warning, there's so many other organizations that seem to relish only the drama inherent in power struggles.

Having said that I again wish to "shake your hand" - without people like you willing to take up the fight we'd have little in the way of recreational freedoms. Something must be done to combat the legislature only interested in law-mongering, the incessant drive for a more regulated society. It seems today that the lawmakers are simply seeking any forgotten niche, any small overlooked freedom to regulate and restrict, penalize and forbid. With no moment spared to ascertain the rationality of such a law - revenue generation and power their only concern and ignorance their only guide.

When it comes down to it - these really are simply bicycles. What harm could possibly befall society should we choose to strap tiny engines to them? What adverse effect could possibly justify the repercussions of persecution? What possible benefit would be gained by regulating these toys or banning them outright?

We've lost perspective when it comes to the laws that govern us, their actual necessity and they harm they can cause when enforced with abandon.
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