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Smile Chain Stretching

Originally Posted by Sydneysider View Post
somewhere I read that dirt in the chain is the biggest factor even bigger than the load, that causes them to wear.. the cleaner the chain the less stretch, is this true?
This can be open for debate... It is said that never to use wd40 in cleaning your chain, why? because when you clean the chain this way, it removes the metal shivers that actually maintains the clearances in the chain and avoids it from stretching. On the other hand, if the debris on the chain are corrosive or abrasive then it will shorten the chain's life or make it stretch a lot and increase the clearance between the chain links. I think there should be a balance on how much cleaning is done. I usually wipe the sides of the chain with a degreaser and re-oil it, wipe off excess oil. Sometimes, i use graphite powder lubricant... Hope this answers your query...
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