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Default Newbie from Rochester: Dax Engine?

Well, my story is a bit interesting. I joined the electric bike club at my school, which is still in its new stage. The club didn't have a clear goal, but decided that each member should have an electric bike. They were to all be the same, and would cost $350 each for parts of unknown quality. Well, that seemed a bit steep, and when I heard them mentioning batteries from junked lawnmowers... . I had been hoping for a club that would focus on building one really nice bike, like the BSEET department here did. After the plans were drawn up, the president had decided on using a modified bmx platform, with a rear hub motor, toggle switch/relay, and used batteries. The pedals would have to be removed with this setup. A little expensive for the estimated 8 mile range. Well, the idea of having a motorized bike was appealing to me, and I started looking for used parts to do my own on craigslist, and came across an add for a boygofast engine, new, asking 90. I realized that with my budget in mind, a small gas engine could provide more cost effective service. I did a little research of my own, and found that trying to cheap out a few bucks with no one to go to for service probably wasn't a good idea, and am now on this site looking for recommendations of a company to go with. I'm going to be mounting it onto an older huffy, with an internal 3 speed in the back. I have already mounted a front suspension fork from an old Rockhopper onto it, allowing me a knobbier tire (already ice up here!) and v-brakes. From everything I've read, for a small (80cc) 2 stroker, I should go with Grubee, and I should buy from Dax. Is Dax's F80 kit a Grubee? I'll hopefully be placing my order tomorrow.
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