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Default The creation of CRU

Hello fellow motor bike riders. I'm currently considering a club, so to speak. CRU = Charity Riders United. The intention of this, is to raise awareness to the public, hoping to gain more riders, hold rallies in different cities around the world, and raise a ton of money for various charities. It will put forth a good, positive message about who we are, and what we stand for. The politico will crack down on us soon enough, they already are in some places. If we stay as single riders, with no real intention but to just have fun, we are going to get shut down eventually. Expecially with all the upgrades available etc. This is how I see it. Why not see the problem and solve it before it becomes an issue? If we're constantly raising alot of money for various charities, we will gain support from charities, local communities, and eventually, government. THIS IS NOT A "GANG" This is a group of riders worldwide, that ride at events locally to help raise money for charities. I'm currently holding a rally in Sudbury, Ontario. It's now a sponsored event, and all sponsorships will go to charity. As well as a food drive, BBQ, and a public bike show. Everything is going amazing so far, and I have gained a TON of support, because it's for charity.

If you would like to become leader of your city's chapter of CRU, please private message me, and I'd love to discuss the details. Remember, The point is to get more people on a motorized bicycle, put forth a good, trusted name for what we do, and gain politico support, so we can loose the uneasiness of not knowing whether we are accepted or not. (outlaw status)

This is in no way a negative thing, it will only benifit us, and the more riders involved with CRU, the better and faster things will progress to the better.

Please private message me if you have a desire to become a part of my CRU. Thank you.
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