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Default Re: Offroad bikes, there seems to be a lack

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
What bike are you planning on using? What are the trails like where you're at? Lookin' forward to pics
At the moment the bike im going to use is in bits, as most of this is my old parts (BMX, downhill, dirt jump) with the addition of some new. My mate gave me a 14" steel dirt jump frame thats made for 24" wheels which helps with the gearing as it happens as I am using a pocket bike engine ( cagllari ) with a reduction gearbox which I plan on frame mounting. I've worked out the gearing to do a maximum speed of around 38mph. The frame chainstays I've had to modified buy opening it up to 135mm (mountain bike size) from the original 110mm BMX size so that I can use the disc mount for the rear sprocket. Other than the lack of a front wheel, tyres/tubes, pedals, seat/seatpost, fuel tank and exhaust I have all of the parts.

Around here there is a huge selection of trails from national downhill tracks to miles of single track, commercial bike parks groomed dirt jumps all within 2 hours by car. In my immediate vacinity though ther is very good single track and my mate has a coulpe motocross tracks and dirt tracks at his farm, so I'm spoilt for choice really.
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