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Default Re: Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

Hey, I'm sorry if I was pumping anyone for info. I have little knowlege of motor heads and was trying to get some the "fast and easy way", I guess.

I did put up some pictures of my bikes in the taverns picture area. Please take a look.

Turns out, it wasn't a gosh darn stripped stud at all ! I have been having enough trouble with the bike, I guess I just assumed the worse, after seeing a lot about stripped head studs on the forums. After actually CHECKING the stud, by moving one of the good bolts to the "problem stud", it was a stripped head bolt, the stud is anchored just fine.

Instead of getting head bolts (couldn't find the size, eventually I will probably order from THATSDAX) I got good quality regular nuts, and put them on with lockwashers. Was able to torque to 15 ft lbs, haven't tried to get to the specified 21 yet, as I don't quite trust it yet.

Came up with a good (I think) idea to monitor the status of the head nuts and studs. I was always "tweaking" them, although the bad bolt was stripped from the beginning I think - tweaking them didn't help.

What I did (pic attached) is make a mark with a sharpie pen on each stud, bolt, and the nearest head fin, all marks lining up. I figure I will be able to tell if a stud is loosening relative to the nut, or the head, or any combination of the possible problems JUST by looking, without having to check with a wrench all the time.

Maybe its a good idea...

By the way, I asked a mechanic friend about helicoils. For any other noobe out there, the recommendation is to buy a helicoil kit. You purchase a kit that is labeled the same size as the stud hole you are rethreading e.g. an 8mm kit for an 8mm stud hole. In the kit is the correct sized insert, helicoil, and easy threader. And you can buy just the helicoils + inserts from places like NAPA, again you specify the same size helicoil as the stud hole you are re-threading. Hope this makes sense.

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