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Default Re: Hello from Tucson

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Like Cali haz no motorized bicycles o_O

yeah, but california's huge. there's 3 bikes i've seen around my neighborhood, and none of us hang out together.

i lived in tucson in 1980 till 83. speedway and alvernon, i think. there used to be an old abandoned skatepark there, the "desert wave." we spent weeks bucketing all the scummy, green water out of there. the weinerschnitzel next door had a green algae stain in their parking lot for years because of us. that was right across the street from "the bashful bandit" biker bar. used to race bmx at reid park and manzanita, before i gave up bikes to ride skateboards.

i was even an extra in the "revenge of the nerds."

man, i'm old.
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