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Default Breaking in a New Top End

I'm posting a couple pics of my old piston to show the severe blowby I was getting. It was broken in with the accepted slow and easy, lots of oil method. I won't be breaking in the new top end this way. I'm going to use opti-2 right from the start. I am going to mix the first gallon at 50:1. I'm going to use the method in this link, Break In Secrets--How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power His pictures speak for themselves. I'm not reccomending anything till I'm done. My new piston to go with the new jug I already got will be here friday. I'm going to ride around slow for about 5 minutes to fully warm up the motor. Then full speed, back to slow, full speed again. Over and over for 15 to 20 miles. The new jug I got has a very fine cross hone and it's obvious I did not get my rings seated right the first time around. I'll post my results this weekend.


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