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Default My New Hobby

Hey everybody jus wanted to let everybody I feel like my first an all my builds will be a success because of you all ,GREAT FORUM! Good to know there are other people out there as enthusiastic as i am about this when i first got here an saw these things i knew i wanted one. Don't know if anyone has read my other threads but Im deployed in Iraq right now when we got here peple had these kits so a few of my fellow soldiers got them an we have been tinkering since lol. Well lately the new post command is trying to find a reason to get rid of them but as long as we abide by the rules we can keep riding for now anyway. So this brings me to my reason for this post, Today my riding buddy and i were riding we went to chow to eat as soon as we shut down we heard somebody say you guys are lazy jus plain lazy we looked up an it was the post commander a full bird colnel. Then he says i should take a picture of you guys on those scooters an send them to your kids jus lazy. Of cours he jus stepped out of his tahoe or whatever with the a/c going. First off i dont think its lazy unless thats a new word for fun i mean im away from home an family i need something to pass the time an as far as sending a picture to my kid i alraedy know what he would say, when can i ride LOL. I know i will already have to buy a tarp to cover it so he wont bug me every second to ride LOL. With all this being said I think these things are great an I cant wait to get home to really start my new hobby hope the wife feels the same (guy says he is going to give me his sky hawk before we leave great for the wifes build) BETTER TO ASK FOGIVENESS THAN PERMISSION, LOL. Jus want to thank you guys for info an Tips an especially pics. her is a couple from me my two partners rides an mine still awaiting Dax F80. Thanks again God Bless
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