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Default Re: nitrous.. really?

Originally Posted by momentummotorgroup View Post
yeah. all this feedback is exactly what I was thinking.. I'm looking into the tuned pipe option as well as SpookyTooth's CNS Carb.. Anyone try one of those or have feedback? Also waiting for the slant head replacement for my 66cc to come back in stock..
I've got the Spooky Carb.

Haven't got a lot of miles on it yet (still a bit afraid to ride after a wipe out broke my finger), and still have to get it dialed in perfectly.

But so far, I'll tell you, the carb makes the bike easier to start, and smoother running through a greater rpm range. I think acceleration is better. Not sure about top speed.

The handlebar mounted choke is nice. And the thing looks nice with it's nifty air breather. The original plastic one looks like..."carp" next to the one they give you.

The new throttle assembly is also nicer than the original that came on my Spooky Dresser.

All, in, it's a great value for the money you spend.
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