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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
I had originally planned on doing bike specific kits. A better plan was to create parts that can be fitted to a large percentage of the bikes that are readily available. This helps to keep costs down.

The motor mount is finished, and will fit a wide variety of bicycle makes/models.

By ordering the individual components, the builder gets a kit that eliminates 90% of the hassles associated with installing the HT engine.

Manic Mechanic

That sounds wise, Jim. You never know if Schwinn or Huffy decides to pull a model anyway. I'll be interested to see how these may apply to older bikes, say Schwinns from the fifties and sixties. Frame designs were the same for many models. We'll learn as we go which bikes use the same mount configuration and a data base will grow. Sounds good.
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