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Exclamation Re: leaking gasoline

Gary, You do not stick your head in a lion's mouth, or a gators,or a...
Na, For real Gasoilne is one of the most dangerous things that we come in contact with. Most likely cause is a glogged vent either in the tank or cap.
One of the most leathal things about gas is NOT the liquid it's self but the FUMES. That's the part that goes boom. A full tank of gas is much safer than a partial one. I don't know how old U are or anything else about you but DON"T PUT FIXING THIS OFF!!! Don't ride the bike till you do. If the vent is clogged pressure is building in the tank!!! Your riding a bomb! Movement is building pressure, one spark could KILL you. Please don't ride it till it's repaired.
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