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Default Yaban BMX Half links MK918

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Even the domestic equivalent (41) of the 415 is a bit too beefy in my opinion, I'd really like to switch to the "heavy duty BMX chain" others have mentioned in the interest of reducing drag and noise.

If anyone has a part number I'd love it if ya gave me a shout out

As so many are successfully running jack shafts and thus - their regular bike chain is taking all the drive load, I really think the oversize 41/415 is just plain unnecessary. In addition such a BMX chain is often available in far better quality than the kit supplied 415 or even a 41 picked up from a local hardware store.
Hi BA,

Here's a link of the part number, MK918 Yaban Half Links BMX Chain. It claims to have a 1.5 ton breaking point. I'm using this on the shifter kit. However, this chain does stretch a lot.

YABAN Chain Industrial Co., Ltd.
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