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Default Re: Motorbicycling 6V electrical system?

Originally Posted by aquarianmonkey View Post
Silverbear thanks for the link It's the best LED link I have seen yet and the color choices for the 6 volt are great could lead to a great light show LOL. Happy Motoring
Good. Something I failed to mention is that the LED link is to a company in Michigan. These lights are made in the USA... woohoo! How about that! I felt a little better making payment which tends to circulate around home. Made in the USA is becoming a rare thing, sad to say, so I do try to support our own manufacturers. When I go to the hardware I ask where a tool was made and not always,but often will pick the item with a higher price, but which is home grown so to speak. I wish our little motors had a company in the USA making them. I suppose they'd cost three or four or more times as much, but might be worth it in quality of materials and manufacturing. I don't mean a great motor, just a better one, maybe more like the Russian originals which I understand were pretty good. I like seeing a stamp or label saying Made In The USA... or like on the old Schwinns where it said Made In Chicago.Anyway, I'm glad you found the link of value.
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