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I put this stuff in a Peterbuilt with a cat 475 hp diesel engine...made the pyrometer (Turbo temp guage) go way down. I put some in a '90 chevy van and heard the engine get quieter as I poured it in. I also put some in a 2005 650 Suzuki which is 1 cylinder scream take-off but low high end very high revving engine. This bike went from not being able to see what was behind you in the mirror to instantly being able to discern if a cop was behind you. I guarantee you if this stuff was not great you would see bad reviews as it goes for $30 a quart. They reccomend in addition to your oil mix adding 2 oz per gallon. This stuff DOES NOT mix with oil or fuel it bonds to metal. I would not use it more than 1 tank at a time as it lasts 4 oil changes in a car! I would also put it on my chain, gears and would only take a few drops to do the whole bike. I will be getting some asap and will post results.
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