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Default Re: Prices really dropping on e-bay!

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
I agree they are selling these engines rather cheap on Ebay it makes me wonder.I just won a Raw kit for $70.00 for a friend of mine.The few people selling them that cheap through Ebay will not work with you if you were to get a defective part in the kit..BGF,luckyearlybird blocked me from purchasing from them because one.they wouldn't honor their kits when i asked for a replacement part two.I left them bad feedback so they blocked me from contacting an purchasing from them!That is what gets alot of peoples interest (wow a whole kit for $100+free shipping) I would not recommend purchasing from them due to my own experience!
70 bucks for a Raw kit!!!!!!!!Who was the seller?I would like to buy a few from them....I bought a engine replacement from BGF and have had no problems...Leave me a link to the seller of that Raw kit you bought....At these prices it really doesnt matter if they honor a warranty,they are so cheap to replace....
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