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Default Re: 415H O-ring Chain

"Small CC" Motorcycle racers avoid O ring chain because of power losses.

This is at the expense of maintenance though.

O ring chain was designed for durability and low maintenance on Road Bikes or extreme conditions like enduro racing.

Also, they dont typically have a 10t sprocket that will further sap power with bending losses.

Its a myth that O ring chain out lasts non-O ring chain. Its the construction materials and lubrication that determine chain life. A high tensile steel non O ring chain will outlast a mild steel O ring chain.

The ultimate "quality" setup for you would be Titanium chain and sprockets using the best fully synthetic chain lube. Or design a gear drive...

Anyway, O ring chain is old news, if you must have a rubberized chain then its X rings or V rings you need.
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