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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Hmmm... snow here the past few days. In northeastern Minnesota, USA the locals say we have nine months of winter and three of poor sledding. Actually I have seen snow flurries in June, July and August. I'm not too sure why I live here, come to think of it. Oh yeah, the lakes. When they aren't frozen are very nice.
Sounds like the perfect place for bike riding there. I have to get used to the idea that your winter is my summer and north is warmer and not colder. Sounds like backwards land... but I think maybe we are the ones who are backwards. I like the sound of your weather. Hot in the summer, I suppose, eh? I couldn't handle Tuscan Arizona in April and had to leave for the north country. Too danged hot!
Actually we don't have a summer...
We have a dry season and a wet season
and the dry season is just perfect... 32 degree days and 18 degrees minimum
The wet season gets a bit humid tho
Sounds a bit cold in your part of the world... you would have to convert your bike into a snow mobile by the sounds of it... hmmm I wonder if there is a kit for that... I'll have to have a look on the web,,, Oh and then move to Tasmania
Cheers Jo

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