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Default Re: Fuel pump?

The tickler helped a bit but it still takes a while to get this thing to run wide open...bout 1/3 throdle and it sorta boggs down. If I kick in and peddle hard it finally kicks in gear. Do you think this is a fuel or electric problem? The wire on the CDI is not the best I've seen. Just for grins I gonna solder the blue wire and run the black to a good known ground (Exhaust nut). As a side note I checked the white wire for voltage and it read zero, the blue to ground reads 8 volts. The white wire to ground does kill the engine however. I would think that if the white wire diverts the flow to ground it would be hot at all times. I know things work different in China but I never heard of OHM's suggestion. (OHM's law in Engrish)
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