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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Here are some more photos of the gas tank finished and hand grips to go with. The throttle is from a mini bike, if you're wondering. It has a metal throttle tube and the grips are Schwinn. To get the grip over the throttle tube required heating both grip and throttle tube in very hot water. They feel nice to the hand. I like 'em. To use the kit throttle would require a more pliable grip to go over the plastic throttle tube without wrecking it. Maybe gel grips? Foam rubber? This set was just an experiment, but one which I will repeat, I think.
NIce stuff silverbear!!

I tried your stitching pattern on a test piece of leather...I had some success...but I'm not sure if I'm going to stitch it like that now though as it's not giving me the "look" I was after. Thinking I'll cut some 1/8th" strips and lace the parts together. What I'm contemplating now is an easy way to punch the correct number of lacing holes in the main wrap plus the round end parts...a spacing pattern that works and looks good is important to me as well. Maybe later tonight I'll have some more pictures to post.
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