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Yes... as you may of noticed there’s no bike chain or derailers
the auto kits are allot wider than the clutch models
about 4''... 2'' for the centrifugal clutch and 2'' for the pull start.
This photo was taken after I completed the build (about 3 weeks ago) since then I have widen the crank and added the chain and derailers. Also added a free wheel on the motor side gear... to make peddling easier, but don't do much peddling any more
I also added a in-line fuel filter as well (worth its weight in gold)

I took my tape measure with me when I went to the dump to make sure that I got a frame that would fit the motor... I seen reading other posts that allot of guys have trouble with clearance for the carbie, I had the same problem with my first bike that I bought from Kmart and found it easier to find a bike that I would not have to modify to much. I was originally looking for just a frame and saw this one. The guy at the shop wanted $15 for a frame and I asked him how much for the bike and he said $20
So I said I’ll take the bike for $20 thanks...

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