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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Cool, been kinda thinkin' bout gettin one so I can start my bike to warm up in the morning w/o havin' to pedal across the lot lol

Thanks man, any probs w/pedal clearance?

Oh and I can see what it only took ya a weekend to build yer bike - lol it looks like it's made for it!
I have two pull start motors, one is pull start with a manual clutch and the other is pull start with automatic clutch. I love 'em for the very reason you mention. I had another engine I bought a pull start kit for from BGF. It cams with no instructions, of course, and could have used some. There is a clearance issue with little headed screws behind where the pull start mechanism fits... on factory pull start engines the screws are different and there is no clearance problem. Right away I broke a plastic piece inside the pull start rewind setup. Got another for free from BGF and this time went to work with the dremel tool grinding down the screw heads and slotting them. Worked fine for about an hour, then the retaining nut came loose and the pull start was wrecked. If you do the conversion, take your time, make sure you have clearance and that everything is firmly attached in there. Others have done it successfully and you're more mechanical than I am, so should have success. I think it is real negligence to not supply instructions with how to make the conversion successfully photos. I did have to go with a shorter crank as there was a clearance issue. Having the pull start is also nice when you're working on the bike, have it up on a stand and want to adjust the carb, for example. (Not that there's much to adjust on these carbs.) There are times when it is very convenient. For my own rides I now want them.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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