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Default Re: Why do 2 stroke motors run different ratio's of oil in the fuel mix

Oh yes, bandito really nailed this topic

Quote: It seems to me the oil ratio mix is in direct proportion to the owners ego!

After a lot of research and a topic i covered extensively in a previous posting on the internet, the ideal oil/fuel ratio covering a number of performance parameters, including longevity is 20:1

That's it - with plain old cheap 2-stroke mineral oil, you will have good power and long engine life with 20:1 and this covers aspects of hydro/mechanical piston ring seal and good thermal management of high temperature locations in the cylinder.

The other critical aspect for long engine life is "NOT" to rev the engine over 3500 rpm, regardless of how many people tell you that they rev their engine to 7500 rpm.
Run wide open throttle as long as you like but don't rev the engine over 3500 rpm.


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