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Default Re: 415H O-ring Chain

When you only have 15 outer links in a chain circuit, the cycle period is quite high over 100 kilometers as compared to a single speed setup which may have 50 or more outer links to distribute power.
The extra friction would be negligible with an o-ring racing chain.

I'm prepared to pay for quality (it always works out better in the end) just like the SickBikeParts Jackshaft kit.
I chose the Delux version over the standard version only because i couldn't get a Super Platinum Megaspec version of the Jackshaft kit.

Same as the power generation/power assist project i'm working on.
Will it be affordable - "NO" it won't be, but i'm prepared to pay for something that drips quality and when 50 kilometers from home, i know it's going to reliably 'get me back to my starting point'.

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