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Time for another update that isn't.

I haven't gotten anything done on ANY of my bikes really. The Haro had the rear tire separate and blow the tube, and that was about it. I recently got a new 700c tire and tube for it, then today I put that Sears speedometer from the 27" Schwinn SuperSport on it as well. The difference between 27" and 700cc is only like .559 inches, so the speedometer won't be off by much. I also swapped the metal cage pedals off of the Haro in favor of plastic pedals with a bit more area. Same overall size, but they won't dig into my Converse like the metal ones were. Next time I get a few bucks, I need to buy a headlight and taillight, nighttime riding sucks without them.... Also trying to get a small toolkit together for when I'm riding. Trying to get set up for when I have a motor. Ideally in my trailer I will have an extra tire and tube, CO2 pump with a couple of extra cartridges, extra quick release axles, every wrench that the bike takes, bag of batteries for the lights (I like riding for long distances, even when pedaling...), wet weather clothing (plastic poncho), and a small emergency kit. Oh yes...and a bungee or two for when I end up getting rides home from friends and need to tie the trunk lid down...

I still need to build the box on the trailer, I've been using it with the canvas cabin so far. Not the best way to keep things dry or contained. Hopefully money starts coming in again soon, so I can afford to get the bike all setup, and then put a motor on it. In the mean time, I'm fairly certain I have some led's around here somewhere... That speedometer needs some light for at night
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