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Default Re: I have narrowed it down to two bikes VOTE FOR THE ONE U THINK I SHULD GET!

oops, didn't notice that the HIS and hers. if you could score those, you're set.

i'll bet that the reserve price is over $500, though. and with 6 days left, good luck.

the problem with old bikes, is if you want to buy something you can ride as soon as the mailman drops it off, it's gonna cost you.

almost every old bike i've bought needs a new seat, tires, tubes, chain, grips, and pedals. they're almost always missing a kickstand, and the fenders and rear racks are dented and cracked.

so a 100 dollar score will cost you another 100 at least before you can even ride it.

then you put a motor on it, and the wheels fall off, the bent fenders break off, the stem strips out...

i'm definitely not trying to scare you away from buying an old bike, just trying to tell you what you're up against.

but a 100 dollar walmart special will have the same problems.

so i was saying, you could find an old frame and fork, hopefully with a tank, rack, chainguard and fenders, then go to and get heavy duty 12g.spoked wheels, tires, seat, etc for under 200 bucks.

for around 300 bucks you could have a "classic" look, with upgraded parts.

i dunno. if you want any more advice, lemme know.
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