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Default Re: I have narrowed it down to two bikes VOTE FOR THE ONE U THINK I SHULD GET!

Originally Posted by weekend-fun View Post
you can get backround info here:

Basically, i am neather going to chainsaw-motorize on of these or just add a engine!!

so choice one:vintage western flyer

two:HIS AND HERS ANTIQUE BICYCLE AND TRICYCLE - eBay (item 260488830092 end time Oct-19-09 06:35:31 PDT)

three:[url= faultDomain_0?hash=item27ac37d7b7]Classic Firestone 500 bicycle 1961 26" vintage old bike - eBay (item

Not so simple to just pick one. Are any of them fat tire? (2.125). The prices are right on the craisgslist western flyers. Depends on where you want to put your money and how much you intend to change the bike. If you'd rather not strip it down and paint it, intend to change handlbars, seats, etc. then the one's in best shape make more sense... either the western flyer on eBay or the Firestone. All of these should have been made in the USA, so are probably pretty good quality. A couple are step throughs, the others are mens.
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