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Default Re: Paying for MB hobbies... how do members do it!

I appreciate all the various ways that you all fund our wonderful hobby and just have to add my 2 cents:

Luckily, I am single with no kids (so that's how I can afford it), but all-in-all it's a cheap hobby compared to some. We do it because we love it, and that's AWESOME!!!

It's money, I agree, but we're saving money, too, by not filling our cars/trucks/whatever with gas (about $3.90 here in MN!). I predict that it will be over $4 (plus!) by the end of the summer, and why drive a car/truck/etc. when there's only one passenger...?

That's my two, and I'm stickin' to it! Thanks all for this wonderful site!

Jared "Chief" Richardson
St. Cloud, MN
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