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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Your tank looks great and I know this winter I'll be referring back to this thread as I attempt to make my soldering look half way as good as yours. Do you think there will be a rust problem inside these tanks? I know there is a coating stuff for redoing old rusty tanks. I guess we'll find out, eh?
Glad you can use the leather tank photos for a starting point. I finished the tank cover the other day and then made matching covers for the handlebar grips. I'll shoot pictures of them later today. I think on the next leather covered tank I'll do the sewing up another way which may look better and go faster. When I do, I'll post photos of that, but it probably won't be until winter. One good place to find suitable leather is a place like goodwill. Find a suede jacket with a tear or bad zipper... something which makes it very cheap. The back side of the suede is smooth leather and will be unworn, unstained and like new. In one jacket is plenty enough for a seat, a tank and grips. Just a thought.

If I can get them to load there are two pictures of a brass fire extinguisher I just bought on eBay. Paid more than I wanted, but this is what they go for. I want to experiment with this one and my hope is to be able to use the fitting at the end as the point where I attach a filler pipe which will angle upwards and extend a little above the level of the tank. I don't know yet what hardware I'll use. First the tank and then I'll find the hardware. I may not have to solder anything to do this part of the conversion. At the bottom side at the other end will be the gas shut off and line to the carb. This will get soldered. There will also be a vent up above, probably at the same end as the gas line. it will probably also be a gas shutoff valve as that is simple and if I want I can run a short line up under the seat. No more gas spills out the cap! The lettering on the tank is a decal, so it should clean up nicely and shine like nobody's business. I wonder if clear coat would keep it looking good. Anyway, this is what I found that looked suitable. There are others which have a handle on one end and a nozzle on the other. I didn't see how that could work. I just want to try one. In the end I think your apple juice can or a variation of that is what I will be making. I'm on the lookout for a tennis ball can for a tank to go between crossbars. The price is certainly right with cans and with a nice paint job or clear coat over the tin as it is or covered in leather it is a winner. I ordered a pencil tip torch, but one which uses propane, also a cheap little butane one. I will be a soldering fool this winter. See what you've started?
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