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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Not sure if I gave this tip or not but here is one for those of us who are clutz types. During all my throttle troubles, and there were many, I got the silver washer behind the needle sucked into the engine, (don't ask and I won't tell) anyway I had to have a replacement. Of course there is no such thing. HOwever there is a flat washer that fits the cylinder perfectly. I'm not sure if it is an 8 or 10 but I think 10. Just have to grind a corner off for the cable to pass.

The clip on the needle is available from a good auto parts store. A number 4 finishing nail is almost the exact diameter of the needle end. It is just a little bit fatter but nothing you cant correct for. So you can carry one of them to the auto parts store for the match. That is if you dont trust yourself to carry the needle, I didn't.

Eve if the new clip is smaller than the orig it will block the hole in the bottom of the cylinder just fine and if the clip looks as though it could work itself through the washer (if you had to use a generic one like I did) you can cut a bit from an alum coke can, drive a nail through it and make a second washer to slip under the steel washer. A number four finishing nail and you have a perfect fit.

My throttle cable now has only one end the small one. I'm thinking that if it goes bad, i can grind the end of a regular cable down to make the smaller end of the throttle cable saving me having to try to find one like it.

So it looks like most of the small easy to lose parts can be replaced. The needle I'm not sure of. Does anyone know where one of those could be found.
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