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Default Replace/Repair/Adjust Chain

Hello All,

I'm the guy with the $15 motor bike that I bought at a garage sale last week. I keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and I had a gumption killing moment today I'm seeking advice on.

I realized that the reason the last guy got rid of the bike was because he had stripped out the engine mounts. I got impatient, and started it before I fixed the mount, and it jumped off the frame. It looked OK, so I spent the morning re-tapping the engine mounts (a cool thing to learn how to do, I must admit). I got it all back together and found out that when it jumped off of the frame I broke one of the links. Then, when inspecting the damage, I lost the master link (grrrrrr).

Are the chains with these 50cc motors basically standard? I know I can order a master link from, but then I'd still need the replacement link. Anyone know a place I can get one of those? Should I just buy a new chain? What do you all think?


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